Guacamole Classico 7.5 | 11.5 gf, v
avocado, chile, citrus, onion, tomatillo, cilantro, cotija cheese; served w/ chips; +1 sub raw vegetables

Ceviche de Camaron 17 gf
jumbo shrimp, pico de gallo, lime, cucumber, cilantro, avocado, jicama; served w/ chips

El Espanol 16
jamon serrano, avocado, Ceringola olives, red onion, chile, soy lime dressing with noble bread

Elote Callejero 7 v, gf
avocado, chile, citrus, onion, tomatillo, cilantro, cotija cheese, w/ chips. +1 sub raw vegetables

Queso Fundido 11 gf
choice of chorizo or mushroom Mexican cheese fondue, served w/ tortilla chips, flour tortillas

Korean Fried Wings 13 half dz / 21 dz
battered wings w/ house gochujang glaze, fresh ginger, soy & papaya slaw

Tacos Chinos 15 gf
fried imperial spring rolls w/ ground pork served w/ lettuce wraps, fresh herbs, sweet chile sauce & salsa de soya

Chips & Salsa 3 gf, v


Vegan Posole Rojo 9 | 16 gf, v
vegetable broth, spicy guajillo broth, cabbage, lime

Posole Blanco 9 | 16 gf
white hominy & shredded pork served w/ cabbage, oregano, white onion, chile pasilla, cilantro, lime wedge

Caldo de Pollo 9 | 16 gf
chicken breast, rice noodles, chicken broth, snow peas, fresh herbs, salsa de soya, lime


Asado 18 gf, v
choice of grilled chicken breast or carne asada, romaine, spinach, cabbage, apple, fresh herbs, zamorano, peanut dressing

Cortado 8 | 16 gf, v
arugula, kale, cabbage, tomato, egg, carrot, corn nuts, crunchy peas, avocado, cheddar, creamy vinaigrette

De La Casa 8 | 16
serrano ham, cerignola olives, cherry tomato, red onion, romaine, noble bread crutons, herb vin

Inca 8 | 16 gf, v
quinoa, dried cranberries, pepitas, yulu, tomato, greens, herbs, red onion, avocado, corn, lime, herb vin

Add Protein

carne asada +7* 
grilled fish +7* 

grilled chicken +6

grilled shrimp +7*

bacon +5*

Sides y a La Cart

Vegetables 6 gf, v

Frijoles 3.50 gf, v
pinto beans, cotija cheese

Arroz Frito 5 gf, v
saffron rice, vegetables, spices

Papas Fritas 7 gf, v
house-made fries, aji chile aioli

Tortillas 3 v
house-made flour tortillas 

Side Salad 6 gf, v
seasonal ingredients, herb vinaigrette

S / Chorizo 6

S / Bacon 6

gf gluten-free | can be modified
v vegeterian | can be modified

Tacos 4 | Tortas 12 | Burritos 12

tacos served w/ cilantro and onions; tortas with shredded lettuce; burritos rolled w/ beans

Carne Asada
marinated grilled skirt steak w/ guacamole, salsa

Grilled Shrimp*
achiote, shrimp w/ pico de gallo, guacamole

slow braised beef chuck w/ chile

Vegetables v
chef’s preparation

sauteed chicken breast, mushrooms, poblano peppers, aji aioli

Grilled Fish*
white fish, guacamole, lettuce, aji aioli, pico de gallo
{+2 burrito / torta}

Pork Belly
grilled pork, citrus glaze, spicy relish
{+2 burrito / torta}

Especiales de la Casa

*Availability and prices are subject to change

La Parrillada 17
family-style tacos: pick two items served on a skillet w/ half dz tortillas, grilled guero peppers & onions garnished w/ cilantro & onions

Enchiladas 17 gf, v
choice of ranchero | verde | x-mas | +2 mole choice of chicken | vegetable | +2 combo | +5 barbacoa fluffy corn tortillas, queso oaxaca, topped w/ crema, cabbage slaw & pico de gallo – served w/ rice & beans

Paella Mexicana 19 gf, v
choice of vegan | chicken | mexicana rustic rice, chicken breast, schreiner’s chorizo

Naco Torta* 14
grilled skirt steak, guacamole, lettuce, aji aioli, noble bread telera bread, two fried eggs

Mexibano 11 “ o u r c u b a n o ”
roasted ham, tomato, pickled onion, lettuce, white cheddar, mustard dressing, pressed noble cubano roll


Ground in-house | served in noble sesame bun w/ house-made fries

Traditional Cheeseburger* 16
6 oz. grass-fed beef, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, aji aioli

Pica Rica* 17
6 oz. grass-fed beef, roasted chile, caramelized onions, cheddar, aji aioli

Pork Belly* 18
6 oz. grass fed beef, pork belly w/ citrus glaze and spicy relish

Breakfast All Day

Our Famous Flap Jacks 6 / 11
single or short stack of flap jacks

Huevos Rancheros* 13 v
quesadillas, rachero sauce, two eggs, beans, cilantro, cotija cheese

Chilaquiles* 14.5 gf, v;
choice of chicken or vegetables baked layered tortillas, oaxaca cheese, two eggs any style, red or green sauce

Breakfast Burrito* 12
chorizo, scrambled eggs, potato, beans, cheddar, chile de arbol salsa

Vegan Breakfast Burrito 12 v
housemade tofu and mushroom chorizo, beans, potato, fire-roasted salsa

Postres 9

Dulce de Leche Flan gf
Chocolate Cake

Tarte de Limon

Noble Bread Pudding

*We cook our food to order. Consuming raw or undercooked foods may increase your risk of foodborne illness.
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